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Top Quality Tack, Hand Made Saddle Girths, Saddle Cinches and Stirrup Leathers

Both the Western Cinch and the English Girth come in a full range of sizes (24” to 54”)
and colours (Black, Brown, Chestnut and Tan). We are happy to accommodate your special orders.

icon Anchor Girth

Introducing the Original Anchor Girth and Anchor Cinch.

Every few years or perhaps, a decade or so, a new product appears followed by the comments such as "it’s so simple, why has it never been done before" or it's perfect, I wish that I thought of that.”

We are introducing the ‘NEXT ONE’ the Original Anchor Girth and Anchor Cinch.

icon Comfort

Comfort in tack is important. As the name implies, this saddle girth and saddle cinch will never collapse on itself. The strong design of the Original Anchor Girth will forever maintain its comfort and provide a solid, load bearing surface for your saddle. It resists creeping forward or backward, or side to side.

The foam belly of the Anchor Girth and Anchor Cinch will provide soft comfort for your horse and its surface design will allow air to circulate and will not absorb moisture.

icon Maintenance

Easily maintained by simply wiping down with a damp cloth.




Lightfoot Leather also makes a complete range of nylon wrapped stirrup leathers with curved buckles, in colours to match your saddle in sizes 3/4” and 1”.